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Reclaim your brain

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The incidence of mental illness is rising. IQ appears to be falling. More children are suffering from autism and ADHD. There are more teenagers diagnosed with schizophrenia and more are committing suicide. More adults are diagnosed with depression, anxiety and insomnia, and are unable to cope with stress. More elderly are slipping into dementia.

Three world-class pioneers have the answers to these critical questions, and are meeting in London on Wednesday May 8th to share their wisdom and solutions for both our own well-being and that of humanity, identifying the paradigm shift that has to happen to reclaim our brains. This ground-breaking one-day conference, hosted by the charitable foundation, Food for the Brain and supported by Institute of Optimum Nutrition and Cytoplan is of vital importance to all health practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians and nutritional therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, policy makers and the public who want to find out what needs to change and what we can do about it.