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DimensionEffe1 & Inside Out


Two different artistic ways to find the same essence.

One of the artist, Fausto says: “It all began from a need to express and describe my inner world, made out of shapes and emotive images, which range from abstractionism to conceptualism… My shapes and images are inspired and accompanied by musical backgrounds, with instinctive spatula strokes, at times as obsessive and repetitive as reciting a gestural mantra.... …Visions and symbologies which live and connect in the deepest part of an individual”.

I'm from Umbria in ltaly where I started some years ago to develop my project "DIMENSIONEFFE1" and make my works. I wield a spatulate and use acrylics on canvas. I like experimenting and researching through my work and through life itself. I am interested in different types of subjects such as psychology, quantum physics, biology, etc. The intent is to represent in my works points in common between these disciplines, because I think everything comes from a primordial nucleus. I'm also very interested in digital art, so l tried to develop a technique that reminded of this kind of art but applied to a canvas and performed by hand rather than on a computer.

Website: Instagram: @fborioli

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