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Join us for an evening of entertainment and enlightenment, as our five eminent speakers take you back to origins of the Western mind and forward into the sex of the future, explore the greatest unfinished record and reveal what every teenage girl needs to hear – all whilst ensuring that you’re making enough time to play.

Legendary GQ editor Dylan Jones explores the legacy of Wichita Lineman, a record that has entertained and haunted millions for over half a century. What is it about this song that continues to seduce and entrance?

Bryony Gordon reveals what she wished she’d been told, and what every teenage girl should hear, that You Got This – the most powerful thing you can be when you grow up is yourself.

Christianity’s enduring impact on the West is present as much in science and secularism, as it is in the lives of believers. Tom Hollandtells the story of how we came to be what we are, and think how we do.

When it comes to sex, few of us are free of insecurities. Broaching everything from faking it to consent, stress to kink, Flo Perry will get us talking more openly about what we want from romance.

Beloved children’s author Michael Rosen is worried that we’re all working too hard. Instead, he’ll delve into the history and science, lament exams and smartphones, and argue that we need more time to play.

Earlier Event: October 27
Later Event: October 31
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