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The Essentials of Public Speaking, With Graham Davies


By the time they leave university, your children will have spent thousands of hours honing their education. But they may still not be equipped with a skill that could be the key factor in securing their first long-term job: the ability to speak persuasively in public.

Many prospective employers see a test of presentation skills as an essential part of the interview process.

On October 19th, Intelligence Squared is hosting a one-day public speaking course, aimed specifically at graduates and young people (aged 18-25) seeking employment for the first time.

Graham Davies, the UK’s leading presentation coach, will run the day. His clients have included fifteen British cabinet ministers, the prime ministers of three different countries and eight FTSE 100 CEOs. Each course is limited to 24 people and will take place at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill. Lunch is included.

Participants will learn a highly adaptable method for creating and delivering speeches and presentations, and will also get the chance to put what they have learned into action. By the end of the day, they won’t just be ready to present under pressure: they will actually be looking forward to it.

“Graham Davies is a brilliantly funny speaker who knows how to inspire and enthuse anyone who sees presenting as a bore, a burden or a source of terror.” Nick Robinson, BBC News

Participant Testimonials

“I found Graham’s public speaking course for young people incredibly useful. It was full of genuinely applicable tips and strategies for delivering punchy and engaging speeches. I left the course feeling significantly more confident about speaking in public than at the beginning of the day.”

“Graham Davies imparts a huge amount of knowledge whilst giving you that ineffable commodity that every public speaker needs: Confidence. The day was great fun too and it was especially interesting to see each and every speaker markedly improve through the day.”