BODY PERCUSSION WORKSHOP with Maria Grazia Armaleo


BODY PERCUSSION WORKSHOP with Maria Grazia Armaleo


A new method for learning to play with the body! A method that uses unconventional writing based on symbols. No experience necessary! For children, teens and adults

“Everybody should be able to make some music - that's the cosmic dance”

It's time to get together as a group for an amazing experience full of great inspiration! Learning, open sharing with body circle facilitator. It’s an opportunity to be creative, to empower, entertain, for wellness and creating social change. You can challenge yourself to learn the pattern and techniques offered each meeting or simply enjoy. MGA method teaches a fun, evidence-based whole person strategy which promotes socialization and ensures a healthy workout. On a deeper level fosters creativity, cooperation, community, meet people and a whole lot a fun. The Body Percussion as a tool for communication and personal expression. This system can be integrated as a therapeutic strategy in group counseling sessions, support groups, rehabilitation centers, schools, hospitals, aging facilities and more. Body percussion keeps us healthy, happy and its rhythm with the body reduce stress and recharge your life. This workshop is a creative cooperation that begins with a simple warm up. Followed by hand percussion and interdependence polyrhythms and includes an original performance. My passion is to bring people a chance to be more creative and free through rhythm and music.


Wednesday 6th from 3 to 4 pm; 4 to 5 pm; 5,30 to 6,30 pm (Elementary Level)

Friday 8th from 4 to 5 pm; 5 to 6 pm (Elementary Level or Intermediate Level)

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TRAINER: Maria Grazia Armaleo

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