O ARAME (THE TIGHTROPE) @ The Tabernacle, London, United Kingdom

Xoga presents:


The Tabernacle, London, United Kingdom

Monday 26 June  1:30 PM
£5.90   Entry Requirements: 8+

O Arame ('The Tightrope'), by Galician composer Juan Durán and the well-known Galician dramatist and actor Manuel Lourenzo, is a one-act opera sung in Galician. For this performance we will have English surtitles projected on the wall above the fifteen musicians that will be on stage plus a cast of two singers and two dancers.
Join Gloria and Labarta, two itinerant circus artists at the end of their lives, on a journey towards a ‘land’s end’. They have been going on and on from one town to another: Labarta, walking along the tightrope with a can of beer, and Gloria playing the tambourine. Continuing with this lifestyle is proving more and more difficult. They are invited to follow two imaginary figures -who might be two mirror images of themselves- and they are led behind a dune. After the dune is the sea that can either be the beginning or the end...